Why a Klam Retarder?

Truck on Interstate -70

Brake Fading (overheating of the friction material) can only be prevented by using a KLAM retarder. You will avoid situation like this.

Driving a commercial vehicle will cost money; the obvious cost are fuel, insurance, tires, maintenance and the person doing the driving.

Many people forget that stopping or speed reduction is also very expensive... the wear and tear on the braking system (friction).

The KLAM Retarder is a solution for several problems related to brake wear.

- KLAM provides the highest safety ……..because you will always have a “cool” set of foundation brakes.

- KLAM provides the highest efficiency ……because the retarder is frictionless and therefore will not cause wear on your foundation brakes.

- KLAM provides braking power where you need it. Already 80% of the brake power is available at 2mph. It will stop your vehicle without even touching the foundation brakes.

- KLAM provides the highest level of comfort, a safe feeling for driver, passengers and cargo shippers.

North America has a long lasting tradition of using devices integrated in the engine or mounted on the exhaust system. These systems are noisy, fuel in-efficient and cause reduction of the life of engine components.

Reduction of wear

saves money.

Improve the safety of the vehicle and the passengers.

Enviromental friendly.


Also the use of hydraulic retarders has been shown by the American professional user that maintenance (constant oil changes), cooling limitations and operational costs are way to high and do not lead to a solution of “brake saving”.

The electro magnetic retarder (also called Eddy Current Brake) is therefore the best product versus performance versus value for the money on the market. A “frictionless brake” simply can not be beat.


The transportation of people (especially children) benefit from the use of KLAM Retarders.

The schoolbus is a typical example of safety to the highest standards and 100% perfect brakes at all time.



Why KLAM Retarders?

- Best electro magnetic retarder concept on the market, by weight, by dimension, by brake torque, by design and quality.


- The only electro magnetic retarder product with OE approved Electronic Retarder Control System that saves up to 50 % on the current consumption.


- The only Retarder Manufacturer with their own installation facilities and direct customer support, extensive dealer network and 40 years of experience.

Futher on in the web site you will find more specific information on how it works and what KLAM Retarder might suite your vehicle.